TOWA LITE is an inventory program that has the added
benefit of an embedded communications interface.

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Towa lite Software Intro

Welcome to Towa Lite

Towa Lite lets you take full control of your inventory and invoicing. Save time, manage customers and get one step ahead of your competition with this inventory software.

Towa Lite Cash Registers

Why choose Towa Lite ?

Towa Lite gives you quick access to your inventory and cash registers. The intelligent ordering system gives you complete control.Analyze and track your sales with its advanced reporting feature. Towa Lite gives access even for a person who has no advanced computer knowledge the use of different icons that can be chosen for a specific action like inventory, sales, purchasing, administration makes the software user-friendly.

Towa Lite Cash Registers Software

The Towa Lite advantage

Towa Lite saves time for stock inventory which seems to be time consuming for some people. Statistics : The data recorded can be used as statistics in order to figure out what are the products that need to be ordered, what do consumers prefer?

Towa Lite Inventory Software

What type of environments can use Towa Lite ?

Towa Lite was designed with features that work well for any type of environment from quick shops, Mini-Markets to deli's and bottle stores. Towa Lite has various key features to meet your specific needs.

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