Point Of Sale Systems
for Dry Cleaners

The combination of QUORiON POS
hard- and software delivers a complete
POS solution for your dry cleaning shop.

POS systems for dry cleaners

Specific Dry Cleaning Features & Benefits

  • Automatic Balancing - Orders will automatically set on balance with a specific number. When the key is pressed at the end of the transaction the register will automatically store the transaction on the first free balance number. No need to search manually for the next free number, saves you time.
  • Open Balance Reports - Prints out all orders which are not yet paid. Gives a report containing all open balances, so that you can check debits.
  • Special Printing Format on Hydrofix-Paper - Pint on special paper with normal EPSON printer. Hydrofix paper is 44mm, but you can use the normal 76mm EPSON as well. Removes need for special printer.
  • Direct PLU Keys - PLU's are programmed directly on keys. Get a PLU by one key. Saves time compared to selecting from a list.
  • Plus General QMP POS Software - Next to these dry cleaning specifics, you benefit from the numerous other POS functions QMP offers!

POS Hardware

QMP 2000
cash register for dry cleaners

The pinnacle of cash register evolution. Includes modern processors & interfaces. Customize your ECR from a variety of displays, keyboards & printers.

See QMP 2000
QTouch 8
Small all-in-one POS for dry cleaners

Ideal for dry cleaners, who wish to use touch technology to manage customers without substantial cost in gear. Comes with printer, display & touch screen.

See QTouch 8
QTouch 10
All-in-one POS system for dry cleaners

Complete POS system out of the box. Includes printer, touch screen, customer display, and POS software. Get your dry cleaning shop started virtually over night.

See QTouch 10

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