QTouch15B Restaurant POS

Fanless POS system with 15"
touch screen& embedded software.

QTouch15B - restaurant POS system
Restaurant POS

Value of a Restaurant POS

Today business owners face more pressure from tough competition, new business concepts, and eroding margins than ever before. How can you continuously deliver rapid, dependable service during peak hours, manage demands for greater menu selections, and at the same time control escalating costs?

Enter the QTouch 15B. A complete POS system for enterprising restaurant or retail store owners, who are looking for flexibility, smooth workflow flows, and controlled costs plus revenue streams.



600 MHz Cortex A8, fanless
Working Memory
256 Mb DDR2 RAM
Program Memory
512 Mb NAND Flash
Data Memory
2 Gb Micro-SD up to 32 Gb
User Lock
DALLAS i-Button with 3 keys
Includes QMP SW on embedded LINUX
4x RS232-5V (DSUB9), 2x USB 2.0 Type A, 1 x USB 2.0 TypeB, 1 x RJ11 24 V, 1x LAN (RJ45)


Operator Display
15 TFT display (1024x768) with touch screen, analoge-resistive


Spill Proof
touch-screen panel
Dimensions (WxLxH)
350 x 375 x 90 mm
Operating Temperature
0C + 45C
Storage Temperature
- 20C + 60C


2 x RS232, Power-Output (5V)
Customer Display
140 x 16 VFD display, graphics capable, built-in
Magnetic Card Reader
as factory option, built-in
Cash Drawer
4 x bills / 8 x coins, RJ11, 24V
  • Stand
  • Stand with power
    supply storage
  • Wall mount
  • Wet cover
  • Cable management

Features & Benefits

Fast Food POS

Amazing ARM Cortex A8 Processor

Advantages - What does it do?
Often seen in digital products such as network devices, consumer electronics as well as automotive technology. Chip allows for low power consumption and high performance processing. Ensures that system runs fast.

Benefits - What does it mean?
Has media processing power for graphical table plans and touch screen menus built-in. You can run more sophisticated and graphic intensive software.

Satisfaction - Value
Makes fast customer processing possible, thereby increasing turnover. Exhibits outstanding cost benefit ratio.

15 inch touch screen POS system

Vibrant 15" Touch Screen

Advantages - What does it do?
The touch screen technology, makes complex menu based ordering simple and efficient.

Benefits - What does it mean?
Adds an intuitive interface for quick and easy servicing. The touch screen technology allows you to navigate quickly through large lists during item selections. The large 15" touch screen also makes it possible to see more items at once.

Satisfaction - Value
Speeds up efficiency of your business and minimizes errors thereby saving cost.

fast food touch screen pos

Top-Notch Silent Cooling

Advantages - What does it do?
Cools CPU without noisy fans.

Benefits - What does it mean?
You can therefore easily place the POS system in fine dining restaurants without having to worry about noise issues during peak operating times. Cooling ensures that your PC based technology continues to function even during stress.

Satisfaction - Value
The hardware integrates easily into your restaurant's service environment.

fast food pos software

Highly Customizable POS Software

Advantages - What does it do?
The QMP POS software that controls your QUORiON POS is based on over 20 years of cash register programming experience and supplies complete functionality for a number business sectors.

Benefits - What does it mean?
Makes all-inclusive customization of your POS system possible, so that you can program your POS to suit your exact busines needs, whether they pertain to retail, food service, bakeries, dry cleaning, or salons.

Satisfaction - Value
Unparalleled flexibility & customization to meet extensive demands of virtually any type business.

Pos software

User-Friendly PC Program for Configuration

Advantages - What does it do?
Easy programming of every system parameters such as taxes, menus, reports, PLUs, tables, and much more with Q-Prog (demo here).

Benefits - What does it mean?
Powerful features such as floating tables and balances, table management, and ample programmable system parameters.

Satisfaction - Value
Easily adapt your POS program to meet your business's changing requirements.

Pos interfaces

First-Rate Interfaces

Advantages - What does it do?
The QTouch 15 includes numerous interfaces to provide a maximum of connectivity, ranging from SD cards to USB devices, and LAN.

Benefits - What does it mean?
You can connect the next generation of devices as well as join networks via LAN.

Satisfaction - Value
Minimal investment yields a maximum of return and scalability, so that your POS can grow with your enterprise.

pos networking

Trouble-Free Networking

Advantages - What does it do?
The QUORiON inter cash register network makes communication between POS systems possible by connecting them much like a PC network via TCP/IP.

Benefits - What does it mean?
POS systems can then share all the sales and management information. In addition, all systems can share one set of peripheral devices such as printers, scales, and scanners. This system is ideal for large restaurants and retail shops, where system integration is absolutely essential to ensure smooth service.

Satisfaction - Value
Greatly enhance scalability and performance of your POS system.

pos hardware

Dependable Proprietary Hardware

Advantages - What does it do?
An embedded, closed system, which enhances the security of your data.

Benefits - What does it mean?
No license fees, no mal-ware (viruses, etc), no common pc malfunctions or intensive set-ups with drivers.

Satisfaction - Value
Reduces your maintenance costs and down-time.

pos system hardware

Superior FLASH ROM Data Memory

Advantages - What does it do?
As opposed to generic memory, FLASH assures permanent and secure data storage.

Benefits - What does it mean?
Unlike PC memory FLASH ROMS retain programmed information even during power loss.

Satisfaction - Value
Avoids data loss. Produces great reliability.


VESA Compatible

Advantages - What does it do?
Improves performance and security. You can also rewrite SRAM without loss in performance.

Benefits - What does it mean?
Battery buffered SRAM retains data of transactions in case of failure or power loss. The Concerto stores receipts in this type of memory, because SRAM is rewriteable without loss in performance and is therefore better suited for heavy work loads.

Satisfaction - Value
Increases security and integrity of data as well as improves the longevity of your system even under strenuous conditions.

POS Qtouch

Innovative, Internal Service Center Function

Advantages - What does it do?
Makes available functions such as software updates, touch screen calibration, hardware diagnostics, and character set selection.

Benefits - What does it mean?
You have built-in access to critical system options, even if the OS fails to start and the ability to keep your system files up-to-date.

Satisfaction - Value
Easier maintenance and trouble shooting means lower cost of ownership.


RJ11/RS232/USB Interface

  • Customer display
  • EFT
  • Scanner
  • Scale
  • Cash drawer
  • Modem
  • External POS printers (receipt printer, kitchen printer, fiscal printer)
  • Tap controller, drink dispenser, liquor system

LAN Interface (Ethernet)

  • Table-side ordering terminal (QOrder)
  • QTouch12s (network)
  • QUORiON POS systems (network)
  • QMP cash registers (network)
  • PC
  • Server
  • WAN (Wide Area Network)


QTouch15 POS system, front


QTouch15 POS system, left


QTouch15 POS system, back


QTouch15 POS system, right


cash registers
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