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POS Scanners

Vertical Scanners

Z-6182 Laser scanner

Z-6182 Laser

Dual Laser Technology enables a 32 line scan pattern, 2,400 scans per second, Accurate read within a broadened scan field, Durable, environment resistant housing, Automatic wake up, reduces power demand and extends scanner life as it 'wakes up' from automatic sleep mode when passed over a barcode., Easy on site configuration and upgradeability, Easy to set up and configure using wither a Windows based program or a barcode scanning based guide. Electronically erasable flash memory ensures simple on site upgrading.

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Z-6070 Laser scanner

Z-6070 Laser

Dual 650nm visible laser diodes, 8 Scan direction with a total of 32 lines, Depth of Field 0 - 216 mm, Width of field 45mm x 2 @Contact, 219mm @ 216mm, Scan Rate 2400 per second, Minimum Bar width 5mil @ PCS 90%, Programmable 24 Beeper tone options, Keyboard, RS-232C USB Wand interface

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