TOWA B & B offers hotels, lodges, and restaurants
an exceptionally user friendly and integrated solution
for room charging in a food and beverage environment.

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Welcome to Towa B & B

TOWA B & B is a Windows based application, that can run off a single or multiple workstations, turning your operation into an efficient hospitality environment. TOWA B & B along with Touchpos offers a professional Food and Beverage Solution.

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Why user Towa B & B ?

TOWA B&B simplifies room booking, check-in, check-out and Billing operations of lodges or hotels. TOWA B&B is designed with several key controlling features which can reduce the opportunity of corruption and malpractices.

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Ease of use

With the unique use of "picture buttons" and an "all on one screen" design, the system is extremely user friendly and configuration is simple and easily transferable. The flexibility of the system allows for the use of either a keyboard, mouse or touch screen for user input.

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Towa B & B Features

Client / Server Environment
Room Transfer
Item Transfer
Service Charges
Customer History Tracking
Link To Touchpos
Multiple Pricing Structures
Unlimited Rooms
Unlimited Items
Colour Coded Calender
Room Statements
User -Tracking
Room Billing

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