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Beautifully intelligent and designed
Towa Nimbus Back Office has a fit for most organisations. From single site, multi-site restaurant groups to multi-national retail organisations, Nimbus is flexible, fast and fully featured.

Manage inventory and sales from any location, all you need is an Internet connection, Wi-Fi, or a mobile hotspot.

Bespoke Development Options
Towa offers larger groups the option of custom development. Our track record of working with our customers to deliver exactly the system they need is second to none.

Training and Support
Towa Nimbus is lightning fast and intuitive. Towa Nimbus provides extensive staff training either on site or off site depending on your preference, meaning you’ll be making the most of your system.

Multi – user
Multi- user accounts so you can assign different levels of security access to each account. This helps keep your records safe while still getting the job done.

Streamline your business reporting with Towa’s powerful multi-site business reports. Better understand your business and make informed decisions.

All your data is safe and in one place. Towa Nimbus stores your data in the cloud where it is safe and secure. Towa Nimbus gives you access anywhere at any time with its POS online technology.

Cloud-based & accessible from anywhere

Towa Nimbus Features
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Global Configurations

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Roles & Rites

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Product Manufacturers

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Purchase Orders

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Loyalty Programs

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Accounts & Reporting

Get in touch with our Specialists

Want to see Towa POS Software in action or learn how Towa could grow your business? Our team of retail & Hospitality specialists are available to discuss your business needs, give you a demo and answer any questions.

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