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Inventory Control
Fusion provides hospitality business owners with the latest technologies to assure that your complex stock control management minimises your shrinkage and wastage and that all your requirements are met.

Ordering made easy
You want ordering to be as easy as pressing a button? With the Fusion POS ordering system, it is. One of the most important feature of any restaurant POS software is order entry and tracking! Fusion POS makes it simple to customize its order entry menu specifically for your needs.

Fusion also tracks customers previous order history, stores entire product list and ordering menu.

Fusion allows the tracking of sales of each driver as well as delivery charges and commission.The system also has address auto completes which prevents capturing errors on the system.

Table Control
Table control is vital for any hospitality establishment as it allows for better and quicker customer service. Transferring orders from one table to another is a breeze with Fusion POS’s intuitive interface.

Inventory and Stock Management
You can keep on top of your costs in a smarter way with Fusion POS inventory and stock management systems.

Real-time updates facilitate an accurate account of what’s in stock, so you’re never be caught short. You also have access to a trackable view of your inventory levels, so you know if the numbers aren’t adding up.

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Built-in loyalty programs & promotions

Fusion POS reporting software lets you dive deeper into your business and get a better control of all the aspects you need. With our system, you can:

  • Capture all your incoming and outgoing costs accurately and effortlessly, because your business data is synced directly from your Fusion POS.

  • Track your best sellers with itemised reporting and work out if you need to adjust your menu.

  • Keep on top of your staff and find where you can save on wage costs.




Fusion Express

Phone Orders

Sit down Orders

Online Ordering

Wireless Paging

SMS text service

Driver & Delivery Management

Kitchen Display Screens

Order Status Screens


Happy Hour

Zapper Integration

EFT integration

Table Reservation

Mobile APP Ordering

Loyalty Integration

Stock Control

1 to 1 Stock only

Fusion Express NEW

Fusion Express is our brand new software for new small businesses which gives you all the great functionality and features as Fusion to start growing your business with limited stock control options. Linked to Stand Alone back end (Windows Based) this option allows you to Setup, Configure and Manage your software on-premise.

Fusion Business Types

Coffee Shop


Fast Food


Ice Cream Store

Night Clubs

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